This is not only a preview of what we can do, it’s a tribute to some of the hard working people and outstanding company’s we’ve had the opportunity of working with. Enjoy!

Lianne Gail Designs

Jewellery Designer and Gemologist, Lianne Denysuik opens up about her personal connection to her designs. This video features her piece inspired by "Project Semicolon" and has been used to promote her jewellery and bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention.

Shana Robinson

A video that opens the door for potential clients and gives them a first hand experience of Shana Robinson’s Re-Brand You coaching sessions. It showcases her program, her passion as a coach, and why people love working with her.

Bison Transport

This video was played at Bison’s annual meetings across Canada in 2017. It was created to excite and give tribute to the achievements and growth made by the Bison Team over the past year.

HighStyle Impression Management

CEO Courtney Feldman gives a brief overview of HIGHStyle to potential clients. She talks about her company’s services, mission and the importance of making a positive first impression.

Vector Corrosion Technologies

A snapshot of Vector’s projects and their evolution in the concrete & corrosion industry. Directed at potential clients, the CEO and management talk about the company’s services, goals, process, and mission.

Athena Leadership

A series of 7 videos created for the 2016 ChangeLeaders conference; 5 videos for promotion on social media to build hype for the event, 1 video to kick off the conference to inform and excite the audience for the evening, and 1 video to share the moments and atmosphere with those who were unable to attend as well as a reflection of the evening for those who enjoyed the event.

MREA Shelter Foundation

This video was made to create awareness for the Gimme Shelter Event and was shared on the Manitoba Real Estate Association Shelter Foundation’s social media.


A video built to give customers an exclusive look at FRR’s fall 2016 clothing line and a behind the scenes experience of their photoshoot.


Meet CEO Brian Denysuik and hear a customer success story. This video gives a look into what drives Creditaid as a business and how they help their customers.

Bison Transport

Hours and pages of health & safety training condensed into 8 minutes with an entertaining and informative video. This video serves to inform new hires and speed up Bison’s workplace health & safety training process.

Renée Lamoureux

A music video of Renée Lamoureux performing her song “Warrior”

Britton Transport

An introduction to Britton Transport and their strong prideful military culture. This video was used for reaching out to veterans and new potential Britton Drivers.

Vector Corrosion Technologies

As an innovative company, Vector is continuously growing their product lines. This video demonstrates the comparison of a current product vs. a new and improved product. It’s used to promote the product and inform their employees.

Bison Transport

A demonstration of Bison’s safety culture and tribute to the hard work of their professional Drivers. This video was played at their 2016 awards banquet to set the stage for the presentation of the high achiever awards.