Our Process

This is what you can expect from start to finish.

The Breakdown

Our process in detail.



Your message, your vision. Where it all begins!



Thanks for giving us a shout! This is where you share your idea, we learn about each other and we start the collaboration process.



We talk about your purpose for video. We define your goals, target audience, deadlines and mediums. We then use these secret ingredients to help us build a game plan for your video.



You are presented with a detailed project proposal and quote. You have the opportunity to review, get excited and make modifications if needed. Once we have your approval, we head on over to the development stage.

5-Creative Development.png

Creative Development

Where we craft your message and vision for the screen. We put our thinking pants on, put our minds to the grind and your script, vision boards, and shot lists are created.

6-Pre Production.png


We hustle our buns and book people, props, and locations as well as crew, equipment, and finalize everything that needs to happen before production begins. 



This is our favorite part! Working with you on location to capture the experience of your workplace. We bring out the very best of your people, your culture, your story, and create a moment you will be proud to share.


8-Post Production.png


Where everything is pieced together. We edit the video and add music, text, graphics, stills, and voiceover as needed. You will have the opportunity to review and critique your video as it progresses through each post production stage: Assembly, Rough Cut, First Cut, Second Cut, and Final Cut. Once the Final Cut is approved by you and your team we will prepare your video for delivery.



That’s a wrap! We deliver your video in the format you’ve requested.

10-5 Second Dance Party.png

5 Second Dance Party

Dance in celebration for 5 seconds or as long as you want as you share your video with the world.